why do plant have bone in it?

hi i'm polar | they/them | personal/art blog

there it is,,, the drawing that i thought crashed my computer....

just saved a drawing with 14 layers as a png and the act of compressing those layers into one literally made my computer black out for a second. screen went dark and everything. thought it crashed

sketches. need to fix the color and actually do something polished. but yeah

update: got me a sketch. yeah babey

im about to make some kind of apocalpse sona so i can dress as them for halloween

i keep messing this post up aklsdghjg

i made an artfight account last night and i haven't uploaded characters yet but i'm getting there

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alright guys time to get in the summoning circle

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cashier: thank you

me: thank you

cashier: thank you

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I found this persona maker. It's really customizable !! rb with your own persona!!


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(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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why do you even like the metric system???

because i dont have 12 fingers bethany

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you have 12 phalanges on 4 fingers tho ;)

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what the fuck is a philanphropy

someone: *mentions Two Gentlemen of Verona*

me: oh? you mean one of the worst shakespeare plays ever?

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I love both this song and video

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this was my favorite song i played it on repeat for a month straight after i first heard it it's so good

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my mood right now is just "aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

*trips and falls* oh sorry oh no *pictures of wooloo fly everywhere* oh im so sorry theyre just such a good soft pokemon.... would you like a picture to give you strength

school... makes me so tired... ill be glad when i have free time finally

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I'm kind of sad that I'm abandoning tumblr, but this site has so much potential and I really want it to do well.

Anyways I'm Chancey, I used to have 3000 followers on tumblr (stupid flex but ok) so I made a blog dedicated to sharing smaller artists and fostering a creative, supportive community @introvertartstudent. I'll be doing that here as well! So as always, feel free to submit things or tag me in your art and I'll feature it on this blog. This includes music, photography, fiber work, writing, oc's,fanart, sculpture, traditional and digital art, ball jointed dolls,etc..

I don't do ince/st, r/ape, etc. If you need something tagged, please let me know I'll try my best. I know there isn't a black list feature yet but I can work around some things

Please share this if you're an artist so that I can follow you!

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you know what? trying to identify with gender bothers me a lot i would rather not have one

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“i should post some art” i say, as i sit for yet another day not making any art

me, ten minutes after posting art: .... i forgot the watermark again